Our Pillars

The Discovery Museum is the focal point of the Art Tech District of Nigeria and the first in the region devoted to shaping the narative of culture, people and democratic ideals through the intersection of technology and art

Located in the Nations capital, our goal is to create a digital community of artists, storytellers and techies through the promotion of innovative methods of curation, commissions and aquisitions of residencies. The Discovery Museum aims to spart innovation, fuel creativity and transform minds


We believe that each visitor should more than spectate, they should participate. Through the incorporation of interactive technology in our exhibits, the participants becomes immersed, exploring the enviroment and interface through touching, listening, moving and breathing

Story Telling

We believe that history should be felt and brought to life; a cyclical experience of learning, teaching, discovery and rediscovery. Ino order to have the agence over our future, we must know where we have come from and how we arrived here

Digital Humanism

We believe that those who wish to speak their truths through art, new media and other modern mediums should be encourage and emboldened. The community we are building should remain committed to freedom, democracy, equality and human rights